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PersonalPlus Dual Surface Adjustable PACS Table

Personal Plus

Our mid-sized, corner-based, dual surface PACS table... Learn More
XO2 EL Standing Desk


A compact, sturdy desk offering instant motorized si... Learn More
Level3 PACS Table, Charcoal


Linear, dual surface design with crank operated seat... Learn More
Personal Desk, Maple with Cabinet and Extension Set


Corner based, dual surface design with crank operate... Learn More
Motorized 72" Standing Desk

Flexo Level3

A linear, dual surface desk series with motorized si... Learn More
Flexo Standing Desk, Maple

Flexo Corner

A corner-based, dual surface desk with motorized sit... Learn More
Level2 Plus-54 Standing Desk

Level2 Plus

Our premium single surface table with motorized sit-... Learn More
 Level2 EL-54 Standing Desk


Our upgraded basic linear, single surface design wit... Learn More
Level3 Plus-84" PACS Table

Level3 Plus

Our linear, dual-surface PACS tables with large work... Learn More
 Level2 Plus-54" Motorized PACS Table

Level2 Plus PACS

A linear, single surface premium table with motorize... Learn More