New Built-In Calorie Counter

Introducing your own personal standing coach – the Biomorph Wellness Switch.


This tool is designed to help you engage with your sit-stand desk. This control will switch on wellness by reminding you to stand. It will track your standing minutes throughout the day and convert those minutes into calories burned. If your goal is to stand six times a day, you can see that information too.

A Mayo Clinic study shows you can burn an additional 340 calories a day if you spend just two hours of your work day standing instead of sitting. This could equate to a one pound weight loss in ten working days.

Standing improves your posture, increases blood flow, tones your muscles and reduces stress.

It also burns more calories. Given all these positive benefits we have to wonder – why aren’t we standing up more during the day?

When your average sitting time is over 15 hours a day, the task of reducing this time to 13 hours seems plausible.

Integrating 15 minutes of standing into each hour is a great goal, and it helps to override the learned sedentary behavior that so many of us have adopted.

Download the Wellness Switch Function Quick Reference Guide

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