The Biomorph Story

The Biomorph Story

Introducing Biomorph adjustable computer furniture – ergonomically designed, precision-crafted, height-adjustable furniture for today's technology and the people who use it.

The result of extensive research and development, Biomorph's patented, revolutionary surface designs and range of flexible options, complement the human body, creating a healthy and comfortable environment for people who use computers. No matter what your individual needs or preferences may be, the Biomorph line of furniture adjusts to a perfect fit. Offering a complete solution that includes desks, tables, chairs, add-ons, storage and lighting, Biomorph is the best choice whatever the application.

Biomorph products are designed, manufactured and distributed directly to the market by Ground Support Equipment (U.S.) Ltd., which was established in New York City in 1980. Owned by Stephen Barlow-Lawson, the President and Design Director, the company specializes in innovative, design driven solutions. Utilizing a network of factories around the world and in the U.S.A., the company brings together the best of international design and engineering in the Biomorph product line.


Our Customers include the most discerning individuals, companies, instititutions and government agencies in the USA and around the  world who have realized the benfits and value of Biomorph Ergonomic Solutions. Please visit our Customers and Testimonials page here.


Health from Ergonomics

The Biomorph line of furniture is ergonomically designed to facilitate comfortable and healthful computing. Biomorph desks offer a healthy alternative for those who have concerns over the ever increasing cases of repetitive stress injuries and back and neck problems associated with intense computer use and inappropriate furniture. The patented, unconventional design complements the human body and encourages natural, comfortable and efficient movement. Increased productivity and personal well-being are the immediate and long term benefits of working in an ergonomically designed environment incorporating Biomorph ergonomic furniture.


Flexibility from Design

The hallmark characteristics of the Biomorph line - adjustable, contoured surfaces, integration of technology, 'comfort' edges, mobility, and expandability - all lead to increased flexibility that responds to today's workplace needs. Central to the line are the patented, contoured worksurface designs, which are the result of extensive research and development. The surfaces are precision crafted from solid surfaces and beautifully finished with a durable, baked-on coating. We do not use plastic laminates and taped edges that can chip or break.

Biomorph desks feature rock-solid steel frames with an exceptional range of adjustments that are manufactured in Denmark, Germany and the USA, leaders in efficient engineering. Because Biomorph® desks are stand-alone units and can be fully mobile, they can be re-configured at a moment's notice, requiring minimal installation and virtually no maintenance. The several basic Biomorph models represent a starting point from which to grow a highly flexible work environment that maximizes floor space and user needs, whether at home or the office.


Comfort from Adjustability

The key to goood ergonomics is adjustability, and Biomorph® desks can be instantly adjusted for a perfect 'fit' to accommodate each individual. In all models, both the keyboard surface and the monitors or monitor surface are independently height-adjustable, achieved by a combination of mechanism options that are lift-and-lock, spring-loaded, crank operated or electrically powered. This total adjustability allows the user to work standing or sitting, with multi-user flexibility, thereby ensuring a healthy, comfortable posture in any situation.

Stephen Barlow-LawsonStephen Barlow-Lawson, President & Designer Director

President & Design Director

"Until Biomorph, computer furniture was not made to incorporate the computer or to fit the user," says industrial designer Stephen Barlow-Lawson, who created Biomorph in 1991 based on his personal needs as a computer user.

"This has caused discomfort, pain and sometimes serious injury. Biomorph adjustable computer furniture are designed for computer equipment, and with one important added factor – for the people who have to sit at them..."