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PersonalPlus Dual Surface Adjustable PACS Table

Personal Plus

Our mid-sized, corner-based, dual-surface table with... Learn More
Level3 Plus-84" PACS Radiology Table

Level 3Plus

Our linear, dual-surface PACS radiology tables with ... Learn More
 Level2 EL-54 Standing Desk


Our basic linear, single surface design with motoriz... Learn More
Level2 Plus Standing desk

Level2 Plus

Our premium single surface table with motorized sit-... Learn More
Flexo Corner Standing Desk, Maple

Flexo Corner

A corner-based, dual surface desk with motorized sit... Learn More
Flexo Level3 Standing Desk

Flexo Level3

A linear, dual surface desk series with motorized si... Learn More
XO2 EL Standing Desk


A compact, sturdy desk offering instant motorized si... Learn More
 Level2 Plus-60" PACS Sit-to-Stand Table

Level2 Plus PACS

A linear, single surface premium table with motorize... Learn More