• Enhance Your Health and Productivity with an Adjustable Desk
    Sep 3, 2015 2:04:00 PM | By Stephen Barlow-Lawson

    If you're someone who spends a great deal of time working at a computer, you may be feeling a bit anxious about the effects that this is having on your health and overall productivity. Many workers who spend a lot of time at a computer experience health complications related to their necks, shoulders, wrists and/or backs. To alleviate some of these health risks and simultaneously improve your efficiency, you should consider an ergonomic desk that adjusts to your body type and work style.


    With a sit/stand workstation, you have greater control over your posture and how much time you spend standing or sitting. It’s imperative to invest in a desk that is the appropriate height so that you can be both comfortable and productive in your work space. In fact, most standard fixed desks in the contemporary marketplace still remain in the standard 28-30” range, which is suited more for the handwriting and paperwork tasks of the past.


    Yet, even when computers were integrated into the modern work space, desk height remained the same, despite the fact that it should have changed in terms of ergonomics. The purpose of ergonomics, after all, is to achieve the most comfortable and productive position for workers' bodies, as this reduces the stress and strain inflicted on the muscles and joints.


    Height adjustable desks provide companies and their workforces with flexibility, as the desks can be adjusted to meet the needs of a variety of team members. A standard desk can only work for people meeting a certain height requirement, whereas an adjustable office desk can be altered to meet the needs of workers of all sizes.


    Yet another weakness of some standard desks is that the chair needed for sitting requires a foot ring, which is often uncomfortable for people to use. This is because there's only one position for the legs on the ring. These foot rings, in addition, often sit too low and lack the necessary width, which forces users to place excess pressure on their backs and necks. On the other hand, an adjustable office desk provides workers with the support and flexibility they need to excel in their roles while helping to protect their overall health.


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