Biomorph's customers include a wide variety of businesses, individuals, facilities and institutions. Because biomorph desks are so adaptable they can be used for many applications, from multi hundred desk sites to single installations, from homes to offices to specialized technology stations. We list some of our satisfied clients below in an effort to demonstrate the broad applications for true ergonomic, user-centric design.

Partial Customer List

  • Multimedia

    ABC Networks
    Belkin International, Inc.
    CBS Broadcasting Inc.
    CMP Media
    Columbia Pictures
    Cox Communications
    CVC Warner Bros.
    David Carson Design
    Disney Destinations
    Disney Ideas
    DreamWorks Animation
    Ensemble Studios
    Fox News
    General Motors Design 5350
    Home Shopping Network
    J. Walter Thompson
    Lou Reed
    McGraw Hill Co.
    Miller Freeman
    MTV Networks
    New York Magazine
    Onkyo USA Corporation
    Public Media Center
    Reel FX
    Shaw Television, Canada
     Sony Online Entertainment
    Sony Picture
     Starz Entertainment
    The Frick Collection
    The Golf Channel
    The Jim Henson Company
    The Pixel Animation Studio
    The WB Television Network
    The Weather Channel
    Time Inc.
    Turner Studios
    Virgin Television de Mexico
    Westinghouse Savannah River Co.
    XM Satellite
  • Corporate

    Amerada Hess Corp.
    Arthur Andersen Consulting
    Bechtel Bettis, Inc.
    Boeing Co.
    Conoco Inc.
    Dow Corning Solar Solution Group
    Exxon Mobil Chemicals
    Georgia Pacific
    Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
    Hamilton Sundstrand
    Harley-Davidson Motor Company
    Intel Corp
    Invitrogen/Life Technologies
    JVC Co. of America
    Kwajalein Range Services
    Lockheed Martin
    Merrill Lynch
    Morgan Stanley
    National Center for Disability Services
    Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems
    Northrop Grumman Information Systems
    Northrop Grumman Mission Systems
    Northwestern Indiana Telephone Co.
    PaineWebber Inc.
    Price Waterhouse Coopers
    Sun Micro Systems
    Sunoco Logistics
    Raytheon Range Systems
    Reuters Inc.
    Roland DGA Corporation
    SETI Institute
    Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
  • Education

    American University of Beirut
    Arlington Memorial High School
    Auburn University
    Baylor University
    California Institute of Technology
    California State Polytechnic University
    California State University
    Columbia University
    Cornell University
    Denver Museum of Nature & Science
    Duke University
    Eastern Oregon University
    Fashion Institute of Technology
    Florida State University
    Georgetown University
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    Idaho State University
    Iowa State University
    Marquette University
    Miami Dade Community College
    Minneapolis Institute of Art & Design
    Missouri School for the Blind
    MIT Business School
    Montana State University
    New School for Social Research
    Northwestern University
    NYU Center for Neuroscience
    Parsons School of Design
    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    Seneca College
    Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
    SUNY University of Buffalo
    Sultan Qaboos University
    The Public Library St. Paul Minnesota
    UC Davis Center for Health & Environment
    UCSF Dental School
    University of Akron
    University of Chicago
    University of Florida
    University of Houston
    University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
    University of Iowa
    University of Iowa College of Dentistry
    University of Kansas
    University of Louisiana
    University of Main
    University of Maryland
    University of Michigan
    University of Minnesota
    University of Nebraska
    University of Nevada
    University of Pennsylvania
    University of South California
    University of Washington
    University of Wisconsin
    Vassar College
    Western New Mexico University
    Yale University
  • Government

    Air Force Research Laboratory
    Air National Guard
    Bureau of Reclamation
    California Department of Rehabilitation
    California Department of Youth Authority
    City of Arlington
    City of Long Beach
    City of Oakland
    Environmental Protection Agency
    Federal Aviation Administration
    Federal Railroad Administration
    Fisheries and Oceans Canada
    Georgia Air National Guard
    Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Service
    NASA Langley Research Center
    National Institute of Standards and Technology
    National Park Service
    Naval Sea Systems Command
    Netherland Mission to the United Nations
    Public Works Department of Santa Cruz
    Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
    Space and Naval Warfare (SPAWAR) Systems Center
    The Naval Undersea Warfare Center
    United Nations
    United Space Alliance
    US Air Force
    US Army
    US Army Engineers
    US Border Patrol
    US Coast Guard
    US Department of Agriculture
    US Department of Energy
    US Department of Homeland Security
    US Department of Justice
    US Department of Labor/OSHA Tech Center
    US District Court Eastern District of North Carolina
    US Food and Drug Administration
    US Fish and Wildlife
    US Geological Survey
    US Joint Forces
    US Naval Hospital
    US Naval Warfare Center
    US Probation Department
    USDA Office of Communication
    Veterans Affairs
  • Healthcare

    Albert Einstein Medical Centers
    American College of Radiology
    Anaheim Memorial Medical Center
    Ashe Memorial Hospital
    Atlanta Memorial Hospital
    Austin Radiological Association
    Bellevue Hospital
    Beth Israel Newark
    Cambridge Hospital
    Capital Health Plan
    Carolinas Healthcare System
    Cherokee Regional Medical
    Childrens Hospital of Alabama
    Christus St. Patrick Hospital
    CHS Professional Services Corp
    Cincinnati Children's Hospital MC
    Clinical Pathology Associates
    Colorado Imaging Associates, P.C.
    Connally Memorial Medical Center
    Contra Costa Regional Medical Center
    Desert Radiologists
    Duke University
    Easter Seals Crossroads
    Fraser Health
    GE Medical Systems
    Golden State Bone and Joint Clinic
    Grossmont Hospital
    Hammond Clinic
    Hendry Regional Medical Center
    Indiana Regional Medical Center
    Inland Imaging
    Intermountain Healthcare/Utah Valley Regional Medical Center
    JFK Radiology
    Johnson Memorial Hospital
    Kessler Medical Rehabilitation Research & Education Corp
    Knox Community Hospital
    Kootenai Medical Center
    Lancaster Regional Medical Center
    Loma Linda University Medical Center
    Loyola University Medical Center
    Lucid Radiology Solutions
    Lutheran Hospital
    Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital
    Mayo Clinic
    MD Anderson Cancer Center
    Mercy Hospital
    Methodist Health Service
    Metropolitan Emergency Medical Services
    Methodist Health Service
    New Hanover Regional Medical Center
    Newark Beth Israel Medical Center
    St. Joseph’s Hospital
    St. Patrick Hospital
    St. Vincent Healthcare
    Summa Health Systems
    Summit Radiology
    Syracuse VA Medical Center
    Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare
    Tanner Health Systems
    Texas Spine and Joint Hospital
    The Buck Institute for Research on Aging
    University of Buffalo
    University of Central Florida
    University of Miami Medical Center
    University of New Mexico Hospital
    University of Utah Medical Center
    University of Virginia Medical Center
    University of Washington Health Services
    Vancouver Coastal Health
    VA Medical Center
    Ventura County Medical Center
    Wake Med Health and Hospitals
    Wake Radiology
    3M Health Information Systems
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Raymond Ward (New Orleans, LA):

I recommend a Biomorph desk. These things are to computer desks what the Herman Miller Aeron is to office chairs: they adjust more ways than any other furniture I have ever seen. I have the Biomorph Personal desk. Years ago I saw one in Playboy magazine, and knew I had to have it. It is a split level desk: one level for your keyboard, the other for your monitor. Both levels are height-adjustable. The keyboard level is big enough for my phone, my coffee cup, and any book, paper, or transcript I may be working from. The monitor level is big enough for my CPU, a little CD rack, a little stereo, a plant, a few books that I like to keep within arm's reach, and a Dictaphone.

Years ago, when I worked with cheap furniture, I often got severe neck aches. Since I got this stuff, my work posture is greatly improved, because instead of me adjusting to the furniture, the furniture adjusts to me. Result: no more neck aches is another thing that makes this expensive furniture worth the money.

Arooj Shaikh (Olean, NY):

Just a quick note to tell you that I appreciate your help in obtaining my desk. The tops came early last week, and the frame arrived last Thursday (both ahead of schedule), so I assembled the table in about 30 minutes. Thanks for such a quick response. I'll be using the desk for radiology, and my wife will be daytrading on it.

Dawns Weichel of Battlebots Inc (Sausalito, CA):

I worked at a leading computer graphics house for 10 years. One wonderful benefit of that experience was the exposure and use of your Biomorph Desk systems!

Dr. Cynthia Luce, DC (Menlo Park, CA):

I love your design and would recommend it highly!

Patricia Bayless (Casselberry, FL):

Great product! I LOVE our new computer desks!

James Dunn (Sultan, WA):

The desk frame and tops arrived last week and we were able to assemble the unit without any issue. Excellent packing job, by the way. The amount of care that was taken to ensure that everything arrived undamaged was very obvious. Thank you! Again, great job on the shipping of the products. I love the desk and chair and I already feel an incremental increase in productivity of 60%. :-)

Bill (Los Angeles, CA):

I just wanted to follow up and let you know how much I love my desk. It's a beautiful work of art...and I am indeed very grateful for it.

I am certain I will be ordering the monitor arms shortly.

Thanks again. I appreciate it

Health-First (Cape Canaveral, FL):

Steve, excellent...the monitor set up is sort of workflow specific. The most time is spent on the 3 monitor PACS, secondary is the 2 monitor Hologic for digital mammo and the 2 monitor set up for Breast MRI. The other single monitor set ups are a personal PC and modality specific work station for specialized studies. The file cabinet is a great option, offering locking storage, we actually were thinking that maybe doing some mill work for wall mount cabinets/bookshelves. I will present the layouts and hopefully nail something down ASAP. Thanks for your assistance, it is a tremendous service you offer and the product is top notch. We currently do not utilize monitor arms but definitely open to the concept.


Josh (New York, NY):

I bought one of your 'Multi' desks several years ago. Maybe 3 years by now, I am not sure but time is flying by.

I just wanted to follow up and tell you that I think it is a really great desk!!! So long as I remember to take advantage off all the options, I find that I am feeling better working at my desk. I am standing right now as I write this e-mail and my back loves me for it!

The craftsmanship is holding up very well. The desk is aesthetically pleasing and functional, I recommend it very much.

Just wanted to share this with you.


Dave (Rockford, IL):

The new Level3 system arrived last week, was easily installed and works perfectly. Very happy with the desk and the great support. Even my wife loves the desk and she hates all things that are even peripherally related to computers, technology etc. or are utilitarian or functional in design.

Roland (Woodinville, WA):

Thanks again for the updates. You've been great. I was actually meaning to send you an e-mail to let you know the desks are setup and we really love them. They're everything we hoped for and more. The build quality is top notch, and adjustability is great. Assembly was straight-forward. Definitely expensive but was happy to see the value is there.

Roberta (Newark, DE):

Hi people!
First I want to tell you that I am now a poster child for Biomorph and LOVE my desk. It has given me no trouble.

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