Frequently Asked Questions

What are Biomorph desks made of?

Biomorph desk and table surfaces are manufactured from HDF (High Density Fiberboard), a manufactured, recyled wood product that combines rigidity, incredible strength and precision finishing, or Maple plywood (when selected) an incredibly strong, high quality furniture-grade plywood with a revealed edge and a genuine blonde maple face. All Biomorph surfaces are solid material with bullnosed or champfered edges. We do not use plastic laminates or taped plastic edges that can split or beak. Surfaces are finished with our super-durable, baked-on catalyzed lacquer with our own specially developed semi-matte, non-glare finish. Larger desk and table surfaces are typically 1” thick, smaller desk and extension surfaces are typically 3/4” thick. Finished surface samples in all available colors are available by request.


An Important note about Maple Plywood surfaces

Maple plywood is an incredibly strong, high quality furniture-grade plywood with a revealed edge and a genuine blonde maple face finished with our clear lacquer. Inconsistencies, color changes and figuring in the grain of the veneer and edges are part of the beauty of natural wood and are not considered imperfections. Each desktop is made from a unique sheet of plywood and consequently there will be differences in color and grain from one desk or surface to another. Natural Maple veneer can change color over time, especially when exposed to sunlight, and dry or humid environments can cause changes in the grain in the form of very small splits or textualising. None of the above is considered claimable against the warranty.


Product assembly and installation

Biomorph desks, tables, add-ons and chairs all come with assembly instructions included, which are sent to you when you purchase, and are available online here: Most products inlude their own assembly tools (allen keys), but a power screwdriver, or a power drill with a philips bit, is required for mounting some surfaces, and for opening the larger crates. We are always availabel for help at 888 302 3375. 

e also offer installation service that will deliver, assemble and remove the trash for an additional charge. Highly recommended for larger and commetrcial installations. Please contact us for a quote.


Can you customize the desk to fit my needs?

Biomorph desks are designed to fulfil customer needs for a wide variety of applications, and our standard models will fit the bill in the majority of circumstances. We can, however, offer customization within certain parameters. Custom, matched finishes are available, as are modifications to existing designs. We can also apply Biomorph design principles to your company's specific needs, for multiple unit orders.


Will Biomorph desks reduce Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI)?

Biomorph desk's adjustable surfaces offer a healthy alternative to static, non-flexible workstations. This is an ergonomic benefit for those who have concerns over neck and back strain, repetitive stress injuries (RSI) and productivity loss from discomfort. There have been many reports about the benefits of working standing up and an active workstyle - please see:


Using your desk How do I adjust the desk from sit to stand position?

All Biomorph desks are height adjustable. Depending on which model you purchase, you will be able to adjust the height of your desk surfaces using a lift-and-lock system, hand crank, a spring loaded mechanism, or with a touch of a button for the electric powered versions. Some units have single surfaces, others are available with dual surfaces, in which case each surface will have it's own height-adjustment, some with tilt options. See specs for each desk.


How much weight will Biomorph desks with-stand?

Biomorph desks are built with sturdy steel frames and heavy load bearing surfaces. Depending on the model, they rated up to 400lbs of equipment without difficulty. Most frames are BIFMA rated. However, prudent loading and equipment placement should always be taken into account.


Where can I see a Biomorph desk?

Our main showroom is located at 11 Broadway, Space 905, New York City, NY 10004. To schedule an appointment to visit the showroom, and for a list of other installations, please call toll free at (888) 302-DESK.


Space planning How do you figure how much space the desk will take-up?

All Biomorph desks have specific, space efficient 'footprints', the actual space that the desk and the user will take up on the floor. These footprints may be found on the 'specs' tabs for each model. We offer linear desks and corner desks that are designed to fit into corners, or to be placed up against or at 45 degrees to a wall, as well as be laid out in space efficient trios and quads, and all can be freestanding. For multiple unit installations we have the free 'Biomorph Custom Solutions Service' to help you with your space planning. Please fax us at 888 652 7137 or email us at your space layout and your specific needs and we will find the proper desk solution for you.