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Biomorph Recommends

Maxo Series

Maxo Series

• Sit to standing motorized adjustment

• Manual keyboard surface adj. w/tilt

• Console or corner options

Starting at $2895

Level Series

Level Series

• Single surface sit to standing motorized adjustment

• Linear or corner options

• Multiple sizes S to XXL

Starting at $1195

Biomorph Raises the Bar for Multimedia Furniture

We’re confident the desk you’ve been using for editing, recording, designing or whatever it is that you do, can’t compare to the line of furniture produced by Biomorph.


If you work in some field of media, you know what it’s like to spend hours at a time, sitting at a desk. You also likely know what kind of a toll this takes on your body, as traditional furniture, including much of the furniture available today, isn’t designed according to what’s best ergonomically. Choose any desk from the Biomorph collection, however, and you will experience what’s meant by the ‘perfect fit.’


Can Your Workstation do this?

No matter what type of work you do, chances are you require furniture, and specifically a desk, with a large work surface that will be space enough for multiple monitors and/or other equipment. Choose any Biomorph desk and you will find that it not only provides an optimal work space but that every aspect of that desk can be adjusted to fit your physical needs perfectly.


With just the push of a button, or turn of a crank handle, take what appears to be an ordinary piece of furniture and transform it into the ultimate workstation. Every surface on our media furniture can be made higher or lower to suit your needs. Then, if you’re like so many others who experience physical pain and even injury from spending too much time sitting, adjust the desk so that you can work comfortably from a standing position. Our furniture is so versatile, every user can and will achieve the perfect fit.


Practical Furniture that Looks Great too

What’s great about the line of furniture designed and created by Biomorph is that it’s not only the best option available for comfort and functionality, but it’s also in-line with the latest design trends. All of our furniture will compliment any workspace.


If you’re ready to experience the difference by choosing a piece of furniture that provides the best possible working environment, contact us at 888 302 DESK to learn more. There’s something to suit everyone in our line of ergonomic furniture.

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