Shipping Information, Warranty and Return Policy

Packing and shipping

Biomorph charges packing and shipping costs for the continental USA based on percentage of the merchandise total. Please submit a quote reuest for AK, HI, PR, and Canada, other international orders, and orders over $10,000.00, and we will respond with an invoice including packing & shipping to that location. To maximize economy, we ship Biomorph desk components from our several factories directly to you. The tops, frames, chairs and add-ons are shipped independently by different carriers and will arrive at different times within the normal delivery window. Smaller desks, chairs and add-ons are shipped by UPS or Fedex, but other, larger Biomorph desk parts are shipped by commercial trucking companies due to their size and weight, who will call to arrange delivery 24-48 hours prior to delivery. We have to pack the larger desktops in wood crates for protection, and some crates and frame pallets are heavy (especially for larger or multiple desks) and will require help receiving, or you may request an inside delivery option and installation service (extra charges will apply - contact us for a quote). Typical truck deliveries are door-to-door, or dock-to-dock for commercial. All shipments are insured against damage en route. VERY IMPORTANT: You must report damaged cartons or merchandise immediately at (888) 302-DESK and note on delivery slip BEFORE trucker leaves. Please take photos and email to If shipment is left then please contact them and state that there was damage. IF DAMAGE IS NOT STATED ON DELIVERY SLIP THEN AN INSURANCE CLAIM CANNOT BE MADE. ANY DAMAGE CLAIMS MUST BE REPORTED WITHIN 3 DAYS OF RECEIPT.


Shipping and delivery times

The shipping for normal delivery of stocked items is 3-6 weeks to ship from factories, 4-6 weeks for chairs and lighting, sometimes less depending on locations, plus travel time. For out of stock, customized orders or special colors, the shipping time is 6-8 weeks. Accelerated and international shipping is available. Larger orders (20 units or more) can take 5-8 weeks to ship. Please call us at (888) 302-DESK or email us a for further information.


IMPORTANT Receiving Instructions
Attention: Customer, Installer or Receiving Personnel


If no damage or suspicion of damage is noted on a Delivery Receipt at the time of delivery, damage responsibility is removed from the carrier and any damage replacement costs are transferred to you, the Customer, Installer or Receiver.


Therefore, when accepting shipments, please use the following procedure:

1) Count the number of pallets and/or pieces delivered;

2) Check as thoroughly as possible for damage to items on the pallet;

3) Check pallets and pieces for any sign of damage or rough treatment. Look for crumpled corners, top, bottom & sides; dented or torn boxes; torn stretch wrap; broken wooden skid; signs of re-packaging, 

4) !! IMPORTANT !! Sign the Delivery Receipt in 1 of the 4 ways below:

a. “Received Short” and note how many pallets or pieces are missing;

b. “Visible Damage – Pending Further Inspection” and detail the damages to items that can be seen; Open ASAP to inspect interior contents.

c. “Possible Damage – Pending Inspection” and note the reason for the suspicion (crumpled corners, etc.); Open ASAP to inspect interior contents.

d. Sign clear (no additional comments necessary);

IF A, B OR C IS RELEVANT THEN YOU MUST CONTACT BIOMORPH IMMEDIATELY AT 888 302 3375 OR customerservice@BIOMORPHDESK.COM. After-hours messages will be promptly returned.

5) Very Important: If any damage is apparent take pictures before and after opening the shipment. List all actual damages and keep all damaged items and packaging in case the carrier requires inspection.


To make a claim and request replacements:

1) Call Biomorph immediately to report the damage or discrepancies:

888-302-3375 or

2) If the Delivery Receipt was noted as specified above, replacements will be shipped as soon as possible and usually at no additional cost for replacement or freight expense to you;

3) If no damage notation was made but hidden damages are later discovered, these must be reported with documentation (photos,etc.) within 10 days of delivery. Cost of replacement or reimbursement will be decided on a case-by-case basis. Timely claims are essential – the longer the damage goes unreported, the less chance a claim will be paid.  After 7 days, a claim CANNOT be considered.

4) If items were shipped on an end-customer-specified carrier, damage claims

are the customer’s responsibility. Damage replacements will be processed as a new order. 


We take exceptional care in packing our products for shipment. The vast majority of shipments arrive at their destination with no carrier damages; but when damages occur, noting that damage (actual or possible) or discrepancy at the time of arrival is essential to the favorable settlement of a claim.


WARRANTIES - Buy With Confidence

In all cases products are covered by limited manufacturer's warranties that warrant the products against defects in manufacturing, whitch measns that if a product is not manufactured correctly and any part of it is proven to be defective then it will be repaired or replaced, depending on the stated conditions. Biomorph will facilitate troubleshooting and warranty support to the best of our means, and sometimes the manufacturer will provisde this directly. In addition, all shipments are covered by the carriers when in transit, so any damage that occurs during shipping is their responsibility. However, it is vitally important that the freight damage claim procedures are followed ( see below). Either way, we sell high quality, fully supported products that will please for years to come and that can be purchased with complete confidence. Biomorph utilizes frame components from several manufacturers, depending on desk model. Biomorph also sells chairs, add-ons and other items as a preferred reseller for established quality brands including Humanscale, Waldmann, HAG, SIS and others, and these manufacturer's warranties will apply in all cases. IN ALL CASES CLAIMS MUST BE MADE WITHIN 7 DAYS OF RECEIPT OF GOODS.


Level2Plus, Flexo Series, Plus Series and Maxo Series desks

SIS USA manufacturers the motorized frames in Denmark and they support all frame warranties.

SiS-USA Inc. warrants all table frames to be free of defects in materials and craftsmanship for the life of the product to the original customer. All electric motors, controls, and actuators receive a full five-year warranty, and springs receive a full 10-year warranty, based on normal usage (consisting of a 5 day work week at 8 hours per day) during the warranty period. With prompt written notice, SiS-USA Inc. shall replace, at its option and cost, any products that fail to conform to the warranty.

This warranty does not apply to: 

  • Damage caused by a carrier.
  • Labor charges.
  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Defects caused by improper installation.
  • COM or other third party materials applied to the products.
  • Products subjected to improper use and conditions.
  • Damage resulting from misuse, negligence, accident or alteration.


This warranty is voided if proper care, maintenance and installation instructions are not followed.



The remedies provided above are the Purchaser's sole remedies for any failure of Seller to comply with its obligations regarding the workmanship of its Products. Correction of any nonconformity in the manner and for the period of time provided shall constitute complete fulfillment of all liabilities of Seller, with respect to or arising out of the Product furnished hereunder.Delay/Force Majeure Seller shall not be liable for failure to perform or for delay in performance due to fire, flood, strike or other labor difficulty, act of God, act of any governmental authority or of the Purchaser, riot, embargo, fuel or energy shortage, wrecks or delay in transportation, inability to obtain necessary labor, materials or manufacturing facilities from usual sources or failure of suppliers to meet their contractual obligations, or due to any cause beyond its reasonable control. If any such event occurs, Seller may extend delivery dates by a period of time necessary to overcome the effect of such delay, allocate available Product or cancel any purchase order. 


    XO2 Series, Level, Level2 EL/EL2 Desks

    Conset Frame Component Warranty

    Parts are guaranteed for two years, however, seller MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EITHER WRITTEN, ORAL, EXPRESS, IMPLIED, or STATUTORY relating to the LIMITATION OF goods purchased from or through seller.  RESELLER HEREBY EXCLUDES ANY WARRANTY OF BUYER''''S REMEDIES MERCHANT ABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  Buyer waives all claims against seller relating to goods purchased from or through seller, and agrees to assert all claims for breach of warranty, contract, or tort against the manufacturer of the goods.  The parties agree that buyer''''s sole and exclusive remedy shall be for the repair or replacement of defective goods by the manufacturer in accordance with the manufacturer''''s customary warranty.  All specifications and engineering information have been obtained from the product manufacturers for buyer''''s convenience only.  Seller does not assume responsibility for accuracy of the information provided by the manufacturer.

    Motor: 2 years

    Metal Parts: 5 years


    Desktops and Surfaces

    All wood product surfaces and desktops carry a one tyear manufacturing defect warranty. Any verified claims will allow either repair or replacement at the manufacturers option.




Maple plywood is an incredibly strong, high quality furniture-grade plywood with a revealed edge and a genuine blonde maple face finished with our clear lacquer. Inconsistencies, color changes and figuring in the grain of the veneer and edges are part of the beauty of natural wood and are not considered imperfections. Each desktop is made from a unique sheet of plywood and consequently there will be differences in color and grain from one desk or surface to another. Natural Maple veneer can change color over time, especially when exposed to sunlight, and dry or humid environments can cause changes in the grain in the form of very small splits or textualising. None of the above is considered claimable against the warranty.


Freight Claims

Risk of loss passes to the Customer upon Ground Support Equipment (U.S.) Ltd. DBA Biomorph delivery of the Product to the carrier (FOB). The Customer or Customer's Agent must note product shortages and damage on delivery receipts at the time of receipt. If the carrier damaged the Product while in transit, the Customer has sole obligation of seeking any recourse against the appropriate carrier. Claims against Ground Support Equipment (U.S.) Ltd. DBA Biomorph for shortages and errors must be made within seven (7) days of the date of delivery. All shipments are insured by the carriers against damage en route. VERY IMPORTANT: You must report damaged cartons or merchandise immediately at (888) 302-DESK and note on delivery slip BEFORE trucker leaves. If shipment is left by UPS then please contact them and state that there was damage. IF DAMAGE IS NOT STATED ON DELIVERY SLIP THEN AN INSURANCE CLAIM CANNOT BE MADE. PLEASE RETAIN ALL PACKAGING FOR LATER INSPECTION - THIS IS CRUCIAL TO EFFECT ANY DAMAGE CLAIMS.


Returns and Restocking

No freight damage or shortage claims may be made after 7 days from receipt. No returns after 30 days from ship date. No merchandise may be returned without written consent of Ground Support Equipment (U.S.) Ltd. DBA Biomorph in the form of a return goods authorization and shipping instructions. Parts are only returnable if damaged or incorrect, otherwise a restocking fee applies as follows: Assembled desks are not returnable. Opened unassembled parts with original packing materials – 35% of net invoice price plus round trip freight charges; Unopened packaging – 25% of net invoice price plus round trip freight charges. Refunds will be made after receipt and inspection of goods in our warehouse. No merchandise is to be sent to the New York City address without prior written consent. Any unauthorized shipments will be refused and returned at the owners expense. Orders for custom and non-standard products are not cancelable. Post shipment pre-delivery cancellation incur return & restocking charges. Shipments held over 15 days incur storage charges. Original manufacturer terms & conditions apply to non-Biomorph products sold under dealership.


Design and Construction Changes

In the interest of manufacturing better products, design and construction changes may be effected without notice. Prices and conditions are subject to change without notice and will be posted on the website as soon as possible.