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Biomorph Recommends

XO2 Series

XO2 Series

• Home & small office desks

• Sit to standing motorized adjustment

• Dual or single surface options

Starting at $995

Level Series

Level Series

• Home, office and professional desks

• Sit to standing motorized adjustment

• Single surface- linear or corner options

Starting at $1150

The Best Stand up Desks Look Like This

As reports continue to emerge on the health risks associated with continuous sitting, more and more people are turning to adjustable standing desks as an alternative for their office or work environment. There are, however, variations in the level of quality of many desks, and one finds that while one standing office desk is capable of providing you with a comfortable, more productive office or work environment, many other standing work desks will fail.


Biomorph Adjustable Desks Provide a Better, Healthier Work Environment

If you could make it easier to stay focused on the task at hand by preventing discomfort and therefore eliminating distraction, while also lowering your risk of a number of diseases and potential long-term physical injury, wouldn’t you want to know how? The key is with an adjustable height table that allows you to change your position, whenever you want, leading to an active work style. Less time sitting will reduce aches and pains and improve your overall well-being, as well as improve productivity.


Desks that Allow You to Go From Sitting to Standing & Back Again with Ease

Adjustable desks can only effectively improve a work environment if they allow the user to go from sitting and standing with ease. The best desks, like those found in the selection of adjustable desks from Biomorph, will transform with the push of a button, minimizing the amount of time the user has to take away from their work to reposition themselves. The best adjustable desks won’t require tools or complicated instruction manuals every time you want to change your office or home work environment for a more comfortable fit. Biomorph also offers customer support and installation services to individuals assembling their new stand up desk, and can provide companies with large-scale planning and installation.


The Best Sit to Stand Desks have a Work Surface Large Enough to Accommodate Any Task

What’s great, too, about the adjustable desks from Biomorph is that it’s possible to find one with a work surface large enough for multiple computer monitors or other types of equipment. Every workplace is unique and so the best adjustable or standing desks are as flexible in their functionality as they are capable of achieving the perfect fit and height for every user. This means that whether you work in multimedia design, healthcare, a government department or even at home, Biomorph has a work surface that will suit your needs completely.


A Lasting Investment

In addition to the fact that you can’t find this level of flexibility, quality and functionality in lower-priced brands, you certainly won’t find work surfaces of the quality and durability offered by Biomorph. All Biomorph desks feature solid surfaces and our unique ‘Comfort Edges’ to enhance the work experience. Our New York City showroom displays a full line of office furniture that will literally last a lifetime due to our commitment to the highest quality materials, components and finishes—built to last! This means that when you buy any of the furniture offered at Biomorph, you’re making an investment that won’t let you down or require replacement a few years down the road, but will last a lifetime.


Biomorph will Revolutionize the Way You Work

There’s never been a better time to improve your working environment and employee morale by providing yourself and/or your staff with an ergonomic desk that gives them the option to sit or stand, all while working at the perfect height. Boost productivity, reduce workplace injuries and protect the health and well-being of your personnel both now and in the future. Call us at 888-302-DESK for more information on a particular sit stand desk, or visit our NYC showroom today.

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