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Maxo Series

Maxo Series

• Sit to standing motorized adjustment

• Manual keyboard surface adj. w/tilt

• Console or corner options

Starting at $2895

Level Series

Level Series

• Single surface sit to standing motorized adjustment

• Linear or corner options

• Multiple sizes S to XXL

Starting at $1195

Compared to Traditional Desks, a Biomorph Table or Desk is the Ultimate in Studio Workstation Furniture

Are you a recording artist? Do you work in graphic or web design, film or multimedia? If you do, you know that long hours spent at the wrong studio production desk or table is a sure way to kill creativity and productivity.


So what’s the perfect desk/workstation got that traditional furniture doesn’t? A design that’s based on the principles of ergonomics for starters. Just like every artist, designer or editor has their own unique style, so are the physical needs of every worker. This means that while one graphics workstation production table might work well to accommodate the physique of one person, it won’t for the next. While many manufacturers don’t make this a priority when designing a new style of studio workstation desk, every piece of furniture produced by Biomorph was created with this in mind. 


What Makes the Workstation from Biomorph Different?

All of the furniture we manufacture is made to adjust quickly and easily, at the push of a button or turn of a crank handle. You can adjust both work and monitor support surfaces higher or lower with ease. This means that no matter how many people are using the workstation in one production room, every user, no matter their needs, can work comfortably. Then, add to the fact that a Biomorph workstation can also be adjusted so that the user can work in a standing position and you’ve taken the potential productivity level of any studio to a whole new level. In addition, each desk or table can be specified with add-ons such as monitor arms, task lighting and storage to fulfill your exact needs.


Unlike Traditional Desks, Every Biomorph Desk Looks Good

Keeping up with the latest ergonomic designs, Biomorph desks are designed to be an attractive yet highly functional addition to any space. Now there’s no need to sacrifice comfort and work efficiency when looking for a workstation that can efficiently support and accommodate your demanding workload. 


If you’re ready to step-up to Biomorph tables and desks, then please contact us at 888 302 DESK for the complete ergonomic solution today.

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