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Are dual surface desks better than single surface?

Are dual surface desks better than single surface?

Corey Hanson |

Dual surface workstations are designed for ergonomics, flexibility, and improved work surface utilization in various settings. Dual surface workstations revolutionize the user experience by solving critical ergonomic and technological needs. There are many reasons why a Biomorph dual surface desk offers improved performance versus a single surface desk.


Dual Surfaces: This customization allows users to set ideal heights for their primary work surface to align with ergonomic best practices for wrist and arm support. Simultaneously, the secondary surface can be adjusted to ensure optimal monitor visibility, reducing strain on the neck and eyes.

Optimized Ergonomics: Dual surface workstations prioritize user comfort and health by providing adjustable heights for both primary workspace and monitor surface.

Enhanced Lifting Capability: Biomorph dual surface desks are equipped with four lifting motors, ensuring superior stability and weight-bearing capacity compared to single surface desks with only 1 or 2 motors. This design guarantees smooth adjustments without motor strain, accommodating heavier loads for many, many years.

Efficient Workspace Utilization: By separating the primary work surface from the monitor support surface, dual surface workstations maximize workspace utilization. Users can keep their primary work area clutter-free while ensuring ample space for multiple monitors and essential IT equipment. This streamlined setup enhances productivity and workflow efficiency, especially in multi-person environments.

Contoured Comfort Edges: Biomorph's seamless contoured comfort edges not only provide a sleek aesthetic but also prevent swelling from spilled liquids, ensuring long-term durability.

Monitor Mounting Options: Dual surface workstations offer versatile options for mounting monitors, accommodating varying monitor sizes and configurations. Mounting systems such as grommet hole bolt-through systems, provide flexibility in adjusting monitor height and depth according to user preferences. This adaptability promotes ergonomic viewing angles and supports seamless workflow transitions.

Customizable Configurations: Dual surface workstations offer customizable configurations to suit diverse workspace requirements. Users can choose between compact setups or expansive workstations based on their operational needs, ensuring an optimal blend of functionality and space utilization.