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Government and Corporate Office Ergonomic Solutions

Corporate offices, Government facilities, and Control and Command Centers require efficient, productive and healthful work environments for the well-being of the employees and the success of the business. Height-adjustable office desks have never been in more demand, and Biomorph is partnered with HAT Collective, the Danish leader of adjustable furniture, to offer complete ergonomic work environments that include desks, tables, storage, chairs and task lighting by innovative and reliable brands such as Humanscale, HAG, Via and Waldmann that contribute to good health and success all round.

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    Choose Biomorph corporate solutions above then contact us to build your perfect workstation set-ups for the perfect office furniture solution. With Biomorph online, it’s fast and easy to find and purchase office furniture in New York or from any other location throughout North America and even around the world.

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    Call us at 888-302-DESK for free furniture spec and space planning services, or visit our New York City showroom to view the full range of workstation furniture, including chairs, lighting and add-ons.

  • Amazing Workstations

    The best workstation table for those in radiology, for instance, should be a PACS table that is fully adjustable and can accommodate the height requirements of each different user. Biomorph radiology tables are available in different sizes to suit various layouts, including a corner workstation table, a table with a single motorized surface or a workstation with dual motorized surfaces to accommodate multiple monitors and user preferences.

    Crucially, Biomorph reading tables offer the highest available adjustment range of 22.1” – 48.6”, which is based on BIFMA and CA ergonomics standards, and offers lower ranges to suit a wider user base. All of these important features and more have been integrated into the Biomorph line of reading room furniture designs.

VHA IDIQ Contract

Biomorph Inc. values our long-term collaboration with the Federal Government, providing cutting-edge medical technologies to healthcare professionals, veterans, and active-duty military. Learn more about VHA IDIQ contract pricing.

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