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Ergonomic Solutions for PACS Radiology Workstations

Through built-in ergonomics, Biomorph improves efficiency and well-being in PACS radiology reading rooms. Thus dealing with the physical challenges radiologists face reading files for often more than 10 hours a day. Aware of the risks of repetitive stress injuries, medical practitioners will understand the importance of adjustable surfaces. Moreover, creating an optimal rock-solid PACS radiology reading room experience. Designed with comfort, good health, and productivity in mind, our radiology ergonomic furniture is available in multiple configurations to suit the most demanding users.

Biomorph PACS Radiology Standing Desk Workstations – A component-based solution

Starting with the preferred desk style you can add the exact features, or Add-Ons, that you need for your own preferred Radiology reading room standing desk workstation configuration. We do not automatically include a lot of expensive bells and whistles that you may not ever need. The tables are scalable, allowing the addition of monitors, CPUs, lighting, etc., as needed. Some units can even accept replacement surfaces to contract or expand the workspace when necessary. In short Biomorph PACS Radiology Furniture is the most economical and effective solution for your PACS radiology reading rooms.

  • Radiology Desks Unlike Any Other

    PACS radiology workstation desks have never been so functional or better-suited to meet the needs of the Radiologists who use them. Behind every PACS desk design are countless hours of research, observation and customer input, determining exactly what a radiology desk or reading workstation desk needs to offer in order to be fully functional, yet able to provide optimal comfort and convenience for those who use them.


    One of the best features of PACS Biomorph desks is their customizability. This key aspect gives PACS desks life allows them to be used to many different settings and situations. PACS desk have six sizes, three frame colors, and 4 surface finishes. This amount of customizability allows anyone to be able to create a personalized desk for work or home. This is especially helpful in a hospital setting where every hospital room is different.

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  • Workstations Designed for Radiology & Healthcare

    The best workstation desk for those in Radiology, for instance, should be a PACS desk that is fully adjustable and can accommodate the height requirements of each different user. Biomorph radiology desks are available in different sizes to suit various layouts, including a corner work station desk, a desk with a single motorized surface or a workstation with dual motorized surfaces to accommodate multiple monitors and user preferences. Crucially, Biomorph reading room desks offer the highest available adjustment range of 22.1” – 48.6”, which is based on BIFMA and CA ergonomics standards, and offers lower ranges to suit a wider user base. All of these important features and more have been integrated into the Biomorph line of reading room furniture designs.

  • Features That Everyone Will Appreciate

    One of the best features of every reading room desk that we carry is that, with a simple push of a button, the user can choose to either sit or stand while working, allowing the most comfortable and healthful working position. With a Biomorph dual-surface ProPlus or Level3-72 Plus workstation, there is room enough to accommodate up to 4-5 monitors. If a larger workstation is required, however, the Pro SuperPlus and Level3-96 Plus desks will provide space for as many as 8-10 monitors. If a single-surface design is preferred,  the Level Series desks will offer that same great functionality and perfect fit in multiple sizes. The Biomorph Flexo series provides more of the same great functionality found in every PACS desk that we offer, with  motorized sit-to-stand adjustment along with separate keyboard adjustment and tilt capabilities.