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The Dangers of Sitting All Day for Work

The Dangers of Sitting All Day for Work

Corey Hanson |

The Dangers of Sitting All Day for Work

While the world is advancing in many ways, we’re also leading increasingly sedentary lives. We spend much of our time seated at our workstations, behind the wheel of a car, or on public transport. Unsurprisingly, sitting uses significantly less energy than standing or moving. These prolonged periods of sitting have been linked with a host of health concerns. 

Alarmingly, studies have shown that individuals who sit for more than eight hours a day have a similar mortality rate to those with obesity or heavy smokers. One way to counteract the dangers of sitting all day for work is to invest in an adjustable desk. Biomorph provides the perfect customizable desks. From simple standing desks to an adjustable radiology workstation, we have the solution to fit your unique needs.

Why Choose an Adjustable WorkStation?

Adjustable workstations provide the ideal ergonomic, comfortable, and healthful computing environment. An adjustable workstation offers the perfect alternative for anyone suffering from back and neck issues caused by sitting at a traditional desk. Oftentimes, prolonged periods of work at a seated desk lead to hunched posture and back tension.

Standing desks, on the other hand, encourage correct posture, improve blood flow, can promote creativity and concentration while also helping you burn calories and improve your health. Our workstations also create a “circle of power” by placing everything you need within easy reach.

The Biomorph Difference

At Biomorph, all our products are backed by extensive research and development — many of our competitors do not offer this reassurance. No matter your individual needs or preferences, the Biomorph line of furniture adjusts to a perfect fit. We also offer seating arrangements if needed, along with tables, additional storage, and lighting solutions. Biomorph exclusive products are developed with your health and comfort in mind. 

Our team also understands the unique challenges faced by medical professionals in particular, which is why we specialize in workstations for healthcare and radiology professionals. PACS Radiology Reading Table combines hours of research, observation, and customer input to ensure a functional and comfortable adjustable radiology workstation. Efficient movement and comfort are at the core of what we do. 

If you’re ready to take control of your workday and health by purchasing an adjustable workstation, contact Biomorph today by calling 888-302-DESK.