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Adopt Healthy Habits for Desk Work

Adopt Healthy Habits for Desk Work

Corey Hanson |

Adopt Healthy Habits for Working at a Desk

For many of us, working at a desk for several hours each day is a job requirement that’s not about to change any time soon. The problem, however, with sitting for long periods of time at work and then adding to our daily sit count when we commute and watch TV in the evenings is that it takes a toll on our health.

Perhaps you’ve already experienced some of the negative effects of sitting, such as aches and pains in various parts of your body. Or, maybe statements made by medical researchers that include sitting is just as bad for your health as smoking are enough to have you looking for some ways to make your work habits a little healthier.

Re-evaluate your Desk

any people would think it’s a stretch to say that their computer furniture is killing them, but research shows sitting at a desk puts

people at a higher risk for a whole host of health problems, while poor posture takes its toll on your body and reduces work productivity. By simply switching to a sit stand workstation, where your desk can be easily adjusted to allow you to stand while you work for at least some of the day, you can dramatically reduce your risk and improve productivity.

Add a Daily Workout to Your Schedule

Until your workout becomes part of your daily routine, it’s easy to forget about exercising entirely. Start prioritizing your workout by scheduling it just as you would a meeting or another important event. Better yet, if you schedule your workout at the same time each day, it will soon feel natural and you won’t even need to look at your calendar or set a reminder.

Take a Break from Sitting

Even if you own a sit stand workstation and are actively incorporating more standing time into your day, it’s important for you to take regular breaks and to make a point of moving your body. Instead of emailing your co-worker whose office is down the hall, get up and walk to ask them a question.

Watch What You Consume

Throughout the work day, drink plenty of water and avoid the sugary beverages that are full of empty calories and will only send you into an afternoon slump. Keep healthy snacks on hand, as it’s easy to overeat while you’re focused on something other than what you’re putting in your mouth.

Add Exercise to Your Day

While adopting movement-friendly computer furniture and moving more throughout the day will help reduce your risk of injury and other health issues, getting regular exercise is also a great way to improve your productivity. Start your day with a brisk walk or run, attend a fitness class or head to the gym.