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5 Benefits of Standing Desks

5 Benefits of Standing Desks

Corey Hanson |

5 Benefits of Standing Desks

Most of us know that sitting for prolonged periods of time is bad for our health. However, if you have a desk job, this may seem unavoidable. Recently, though, standing desks have become a major trend, including adjustable desks that allow you to switch from sitting to standing at the push of a button. The good news is scientific studies have discovered there are numerous benefits to standing more during the day.

Weight Loss

You burn more calories when standing than when sitting. At the same time, standing at a desk doesn’t deplete your energy and make you want to eat more. This means that if you consume the same amount of food and spend just a few additional hours standing, you could lose weight. For this reason, standing desks can reduce the risk of obesity and obesity-related diseases, such as type 2 diabetes.

Beter Energy Levels

Standing for more time during the day can even increase your energy levels over time. Studies have also found that people who use a standing desk have a better mood and less anxiety. These are long-term effects — although they do reverse if you go back to sitting all day.

Lower Risk of Heart Disease

A sedentary lifestyle puts you at high risk of heart problems. It’s difficult to reverse the effects of sitting — even vigorous exercise can be ineffective. Simply put, the less time you spend sitting, the better your heart health will be.

Less Back and Neck Pain

Since it’s unnatural to stay in a seated posture all day, sitting often leads to aches and pains. However, after just a few weeks of using a standing desk, office workers report less upper and lower back pain and less neck pain.

Higher Productivity

Some people are concerned about switching to a standing desk because they feel they’ll be unable to type or use equipment as efficiently. In reality, studies have found that the opposite is true. After workers become accustomed to the different position, they are able to perform tasks just as easily. In addition, their improved mood and energy levels actually lead to greater productivity.

Standing desks are available even to those working in medical settings. For instance, with an adjustable medical workstation on wheels, you can move your desk to wherever you need to work and then decide whether you’d prefer to sit or stand. Create a medical workstation with all the features you want with Biomorph.