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RSNA 2023 Tradeshow Recap

RSNA 2023 Tradeshow Recap

Corey Hanson |

What did I learn in my first year attending RSNA?

 What a great tradeshow! Here are my main takeaways from my first RSNA experience:

  • Never be afraid to introduce yourself. Everyone is friendly and seemingly willing to network.

  • Wear comfortable shoes. Chances are you will either walk 10,000+ steps visiting booths or will be on your feet all day working a booth.

  • Be ready to learn. Everything from keynote speakers, to visiting booths, to networking in the evenings…there is never a shortage of knowledge and information to be found

  • It does snow in Chicago in November!

  • It is never to early to start thinking about RSNA 2024. See you then?!


Thank you for everyone that met with Biomorph to talk Radiology and adjustable height standing desks. We look forward to helping everyone with any other questions and great discussions in the near future!