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The Far Reaching Health Impacts of Ergonomics

The Far Reaching Health Impacts of Ergonomics

Corey Hanson |

The Far-Reaching Health Impacts of Ergonomics

Most people are familiar with the main benefits of ergonomics — namely, that it can reduce the risk of injury and improve efficiency in the workplace. However, the benefits of ergonomics are actually much more far reaching than this, particularly for your health. Here’s a closer look into their most notable advantages.

Better Overall Health

Ergonomics improves almost every aspect of your health. For instance, when you spend more time standing, you see benefits to the cardiovascular system, which lowers your risk of heart problems and prevents swelling in the legs due to better blood flow. You’ll also notice that you have less tension throughout your body because you maintain a natural posture. Finally, you could minimize eye strain otherwise caused by staring at poorly-angled screens for hours.

Less Pain

Many people suffer from pain after a day at the office — but there is no need for this to be the norm. Ergonomics eliminates the physical impact that comes with sitting, which minimizes the risk of strain.

Greater Awareness of Safety

Focusing on ergonomics in the workplace makes everyone think more about safety. For example, it helps employees to consider how they can revamp their workspaces to remove hazards and create a safer space. In addition, workers can think about how they could adopt a healthier lifestyle, such as by warming up at the start of the day, stretching regularly, and getting enough rest. Business owners can also provide employees with tips for eye exercises and back exercises.

Long-Term Health Effects

Ergonomics brings many immediate benefits, but other impacts to health are long term. Even a minor pain or a few bad habits today could have serious consequences down the road. Fortunately, adopting ergonomics in your workplace allows you to take steps to prevent problems proactively.

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Improved Mental Health

Take regular breaks from work — and from relaxing on the couch. Every few hours, find something to do that involves moving around and using different parts of your body. Doing small chores like vacuuming, scrubbing the oven, or mopping the floor are great ways to use your breaks.

Healthcare professionals have specific requirements when it comes to workplace furniture, due to the need for extra space for monitors and other equipment. At Biomorph, our healthcare furniture solutions include adjustable desks that allow you to switch between standing and sitting throughout the day. Contact us to create a workstation to suit your needs.