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Perks of Having a Hospital Workstation on Wheels

Perks of Having a Hospital Workstation on Wheels

Corey Hanson |

As a healthcare professional, you’re constantly on the move — meeting the needs of different patients in various places around your hospital. This often means you’re running back and forth from patient rooms to your office, especially whenever you need to make electronic logs of patient records or grab a piece of equipment. A better solution is to have a hospital workstation on wheels — here’s why.

1. Gain Flexibility

When your desk is on wheels, you can work from anywhere in the hospital. There’s no need to jot down notes on paper or try to remember the details until you’re back at your office — you’ll have your office with you in your patients’ rooms.

2. Enhance Patient Confidentiality

You can provide better privacy for patients if you’re able to enter their medical data when you’re in the room with them. There’s a much lower risk of someone overseeing what you’re inputting than when you’re in a shared office and there’s no paper record to destroy.

3. Work More Efficiently

It takes much longer to complete tasks if you need to keep returning to the office after seeing patients. This can lead to you being rushed, seeing fewer patients, or working longer hours. Plus, there’s always a risk you’ll make a mistake, which can have devastating effects in a healthcare setting.

4. Bring More Than Just a Computer

With a customized workstation, you can bring extra equipment with you into patient rooms to prevent delays in providing treatment or diagnostics. For instance, you can add equipment for checking vitals, an ultrasound unit, or phlebotomy equipment to your workstation.

5. Reduce Your Own Health Problems

Medical professionals who spend a significant amount of time each day behind a desk often suffer from health problems themselves. This is because sitting at a desk for too many hours can put strain on your entire body. An adjustable workstation will allow you to improve ergonomics by setting the keyboard and monitor at the right height for you.

6. Better Than a Tablet

Although a tablet is also transportable, it lacks many of the perks of a workstation on wheels. For instance, it’s difficult to type quickly on a tablet, you’re constantly looking down and straining your neck, and you only have one piece of equipment with you.

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