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How Poor Work Posture Causes Health Issues

How Poor Work Posture Causes Health Issues

Corey Hanson |

How Poor Work Posture Causes Health Issues & Ways to Fix It

Sitting at a desk all day can put pressure on everything from your back and neck to shoulders, arms, and legs. In particular, this can injure your back muscles and spinal discs. Poor posture, such as slouching, puts even more strain on your body by overstretching the spinal ligaments. You’ll notice if this is happening to you if you develop pain in your neck and back.

The solution is to improve your workspace to make it more comfortable and promote better posture. Here are a few steps to make your desk setup more ergonomic.

Keep Your Elbows at 90 Degrees For Posture

Sit as close as you can to your desk with your upper arms hanging straight down and a 90-degree bend at the elbow. This will mean your lower arms rest flat on the desk. You may need to adjust the height of your chair.

Slide Your Hands Under Your Thighs

You should be able to slide your hands underneath the space between your thighs and the front edge of your chair. If there is more than enough space for your fingers, your desk and chair both need to be higher. If you’re unable to fit your fingers under your thighs, you need a footrest.

Check the Depth of Your Chair

An easy way to check if your chair is too deep is to sit all the way back and see if you can fit your fist between the front of your chair and the back of your calf. If there is not enough space for your fist, move the backrest forward or use a lumbar support.

Set the Armrests at the Right Height

It’s always better to choose a chair with armrests, as this prevents strain on your neck and shoulders by reducing the chance you start slouching. The armrests should keep your shoulders lifted just slightly. Poor posture is a major problem for radiologists, who spend many hours at their desks. Find a desk that will accommodate all your equipment and that enables you to maintain optimal posture all day with the ergonomic radiology workstations from Biomorph. Check out our catalog to find the ideal workstation for you.