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What to Consider When Shopping for New Office Workstation Furniture

What to Consider When Shopping for New Office Workstation Furniture

Corey Hanson |

Equipping staff with comfortable office workstation furniture is essential for every employer. Poorly designed and constructed desks and chairs create uncomfortable working environments, leading to higher rates of repetitive stress injuries and reduced work productivity, impacting both employees’ health and the company’s bottom line.

If you’re considering revitalizing your office’s working environment with new furniture, there are important factors to consider. Ensuring that the ergonomic desk chairs and workstations you purchase align with the tasks being performed is crucial. Consider whether users will primarily work on computers, do a lot of typing, or engage in other activities like handwriting notes or specialized tasks in fields such as healthcare.

Additionally, take into account the size and shape of your work environment. Measure the space and carefully consider the layout of new and existing furniture, as well as the type of equipment used at each workstation and the lighting requirements.

When choosing office workstation furniture, consider the following aspects:

  1. Ergonomic desk chairs that allow users to adjust armrests and chair height for optimal comfort.
  2. Adjustable desks and sit-stand desks, especially beneficial for enhancing productivity and reducing sedentary behavior.
  3. Monitor arms that enable users to adjust the height and angle of screens, unless desks come with dual surfaces.
  4. Footrests and adjustable lighting to further enhance comfort and reduce strain.

It’s important to recognize that the cost of the furniture will impact its quality and performance. While inexpensive options may seem tempting, they often lack proper design, construction, and adjustability, leading to discomfort and shorter lifespans. Weigh the pros and cons of your investment, as paying slightly more in the short-term can lead to greater satisfaction and long-term benefits.

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