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Simple Exercises and a Sit-To-Stand Desk Can Reduce the Risk of Illness

Simple Exercises and a Sit-To-Stand Desk Can Reduce the Risk of Illness

Corey Hanson |

Exercises for a Healthier Workday: Combating Prolonged Sitting

If your job requires you to sit for extended periods, you may be aware of the health risks associated with prolonged sitting, including diabetes, obesity, and muscle atrophy. To counteract these issues and reduce the risk of chronic illnesses, there are simple exercises you can do right at your desk. When combined with sit and stand desks, these exercises can significantly improve your well-being and overall health.

The Magic Carpet Ride

To strengthen your arms and core while reducing belly fat, perform the “Magic Carpet Ride” exercise. Sit with your legs and feet up on the chair, crossed. Using only your arm muscles, push yourself slowly out of the chair while engaging your stomach muscles. Hold the position for up to twenty seconds. Ensure your chair is stable before attempting this exercise. If you’ve been sitting for an hour or more, take a break and do the exercise.

The Tricep Desk Dip

For this exercise, sit on a solid table with your feet on the floor and hands braced on either side of your body. Slowly lift your buttocks off the table and bend your knees while keeping your feet together. Repeat the bend up to twenty times to strengthen your arm muscles. Ensure your feet are on a secure surface to avoid slipping. Note that this exercise is not recommended for sit and stand desks.

Simple Shoulder Spin

While sit and stand desks are the best solution for maintaining a healthy work environment, the “Simple Shoulder Spin” can help increase flexibility. Sit up straight in your chair and reach your left hand behind your back, with your palm facing outward. Use your right hand to reach down and touch your left hand. Hold the position for up to twenty seconds and then switch hands. This exercise can enhance flexibility in your shoulder and arm muscles with practice.

Biomorph Furniture Solutions

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