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4 Reasons Radiologists Should Work from Home

4 Reasons Radiologists Should Work from Home

Corey Hanson |

4 Reasons a Radiologist Should Work from Home

Although there has been an unprecedented increase in the number of people working from home during the pandemic, there is one category of professionals for whom work continues as normal: medical staff. Whereas many healthcare professionals do need to come into work, there are several reasons why it’s better for radiologists to work from home.

Reduce Exposure to COVID-19

Radiologists who come into work could be unwittingly exposing themselves to coronavirus. This is extra dangerous for radiologists who are at high risk as well as those with family members at home who are more likely to suffer from complications.

Keep Sick Employees Away

A major problem with COVID-19 is that many people are asymptomatic, meaning they may be unaware that they have the virus but will still be contagious. Minimizing the number of people who come into work reduces the spread, keeping both workers and patients safe.

Increase Productivity

If radiologists are required to continue working on site, any who show mild symptoms will need to stay at home for two weeks — even though they may be perfectly capable of working. This will increase the workload for those who remain. To make matters worse, there’s always a chance that the need for imaging could increase and overwhelm staff. When radiologists work from home, they are able to deal with any ebb and flow in the need for their services without issue.

Working from Home Is Just as Practical

You just need enough room for a workspace and you can comfortably perform many tasks from home. Plus, it’s just as easy to purchase radiology furniture for the home as it is for an office. Furniture for medical settings is flexible enough to fit into a home office environment.

The best option of all is adjustable furniture, as you’ll be able to change its height to suit your purpose. For instance, an adjustable radiology desk will allow you to switch from a sitting to standing position to avoid repetitive strain injuries. You can find furniture specifically designed for radiologists here at Biomorph. Contact us to discover the radiology furniture that will revolutionize the way you work!