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Work Productivity & Health Don’t Just Improve When You Stand Rather than Sit – Movement Matters

Work Productivity & Health Don’t Just Improve When You Stand Rather than Sit – Movement Matters

Corey Hanson |

The benefits of reducing sitting time and incorporating more movement into the workday are well-documented, leading to improved health and productivity. Our premium, ergonomic office furniture, including standing desks, allows users to adjust their workstations, promoting less time spent sitting. However, the key to achieving better health and efficiency isn’t just about standing while working—it’s about staying active.

Incorporating movement into your day may seem challenging, especially for those working at computers, but there are clever ways to achieve this without compromising productivity:

  1. Schedule Standing Time: Set reminders or use devices like the Wellness Switch to prompt you to adjust your adjustable office desk and switch to the standing position at regular intervals. This ensures you spend more time on your feet and less time sitting.
  2. Move While Standing: Instead of remaining still while using the standing desk, take advantage of the opportunity to stretch and move your legs. Perform knee bends, shift your weight, sway, and roll your shoulders to maintain some physical activity while you work.
  3. Choose Active Seats: Consider using chairs or stools designed to promote movement and maintain optimal posture while seated. For instance, the Saddle Stool from Humanscale engages and activates muscles while providing comfortable support. Shifting from side to side while sitting also helps maintain leg circulation and keeps you alert.

By incorporating more movement into your work routine, you can reduce health risks associated with prolonged sitting and enhance productivity. Start by equipping your workspace with an adjustable office desk, enabling a more comfortable and health-conscious working position. If you need guidance on creating a more active work environment, please contact us at (888) 302-DESK for expert advice. Your well-being and productivity are our top priorities.